2 Tips That Are Easy To Do In Cleaning The Sofa

Having an expensive sofa of good quality, of course, you still need to pay attention to its cleanliness regularly. If you buy a sofa that has good quality, you think that your sofa will always last, then your thinking, in this case, is wrong. Even though the sofa you have is in a good category, it is still just a sofa, where when it is dirty or there is a pile of dust and you never clean it, it will make your sofa quickly damaged. Especially when there is a spill of food or drink that is not cleaned immediately or you cannot clean it the right way, then this will make your sofa emit an unpleasant odor. That will be one of the factors that make your sofa not durable. If in this case, you do not know how to clean the sofa by avoiding damage to the soft material, then Stream Star Carpet Cleaning can help you in overcoming problems related to your sofa.

But if you want to do your maintenance for the cleanliness of your sofa, then you can refer to some tips. But in this case, we will explain 2 things about how to clean the sofa. The first, to clean stains that are difficult to clean, you can do this. For small stains, you can use a cleaning fluid that matches the material of your sofa and wipe it gently with a microfiber cloth. Rub gently until the stain disappears. After that, you can do rinsing using a white cloth that is given a little water.

The second, the drying part. So after the stubborn stains are gone and you have rinsed your sofa, then it is time for you to dry. Make sure in this case you do a natural drying such as opening a window to let the wind in and dry your sofa.

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