Safe Guide To Sending Sexy Photos To Couples

You may have thought about using the services of Fabian Medina and sending your photos to your partner. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally sending sexy photos to your partner. This is neither forbidden nor embarrassing, especially if the two of you already trust each other. There are still some things that you must consider before sending sexy photos to your partner.

1. Ask for permission first
Even though the two of you are already exploring a serious relationship, maybe even married for a long time, asking for permission is still mandatory.
This is done to ensure that your partner is not in an undisturbed situation or surrounded by many people. The reason is, getting a sexy photo submission can certainly disperse your partner’s focus. Not to mention the imagination that is already too wild is sometimes quite difficult to be “damaged” instantly. Either way, your partner might have an erection suddenly in public, for example in the middle of an important meeting.

2. Download apps that are end-to-end encrypted
When sending sexy photos to your partner, you need to understand that the worst risk is that the photos could be accidentally spread. For extra security, you can send your sexy photos via encrypted end-to-end apps like Telegram or WhatsApp.

3. As much as possible don’t put faces in photos
As discussed in the previous point above, what if your sexy photos are spread out? Well, to prevent this, don’t put a face in your sexy photo.
Remember, sexy photos don’t have to be nude photos. The partially naked photo is also sexy. So, don’t do more than you should.

4. Double check after sending photos
Sometimes nervousness when sending sexy photos to your partner makes it difficult for you to focus and very likely to make some mistakes. It’s not impossible that photos that should be sent to a partner are actually sent to a family group or maybe to social media. Therefore, always double-check the recipient after you send the photo. Make sure that you send it to the right person.

5. Delete photos that have been sent
No need to save the sexy photo you just sent to your partner. Storing it on your phone will only make you anxious because it could be seen by other people accidentally. In addition to deleting in the phone gallery, it’s a good idea to delete chats containing sexy photos if your partner has seen them. This is done to minimize your nude photos from being spread widely when, for example, your partner’s cell phone is lost or is being borrowed.